Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust
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Prep time:
1 h
Cook time:
2 h

A great alternative to pumpkin pie made with gingersnap crust and Homemade Caramel Sauce!

1 ½ cups Ground gingersnap crumbs
¼ cup Sugar
5 tbsp Unsalted butter, melted
Pumpkin Filling
1 1/5 oz can Pumpkin (pure)
1 1/3 cups Sugar
1 tsp Ground cinnamon
½ tsp Ground ginger
¼ tsp Ground nutmeg
¼ tsp Ground cloves
1/2 tsp Salt
1 cup Heavy cream (cold)
24 oz Cream cheese, room temperature
5 Larger eggs, room temperature


  1. Preheat oven to 325F
  2. Wrap a 9-inch springform pan with heavy duty aluminum foil. Heavy duty foil will do a better job of preventing water seeping into the pan
  3. Spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray
  4. To make the crust combine gingersnaps and sugar in a food processer and mix until crumbs are fine.
  5. Add melted butter to the crumbs
  6. Continue to mix in food processor until crumbs are moistened
  7. Place the crumbs in the pan and press them flat into the bottom
  8. Bake crust for 15 minutes then let cool
  9. For the filling



  1. Bring 16 cups of water to a boil
  2. In a saucepan mix pumpkin, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and salt
  3. Over medium heat bring the mixture to a simmer stirring constantly until it bubbles
  4. Reduce heat and continue to simmer always stirring for 5 minutes until thick and shiny
  5. Pour pumpkin mixture into a mixing bowl
  6. Using a blender add the cold cream and blend
  7. Add cream cheese and continue to blend until smooth
  8. Add eggs to the mixture and blend well
  9. Using a large roasting pan, place the springform pan with prepared crust in a large roasting pan
  10. Pour the pumpkin mixture into the pan over the crust
  11. Pour enough boiling water into the roasting pan until the water comes halfway up the pan
  12. Place in oven and bake for approximately 1 ½ hour until the cake is set and firm
  13. Carefully remove the roasting pan from the oven and sit on a wire rack
  14. Using a knife gently loosen the cake from the edge of the pan
  15. Cool until the water is just warm, approximately 45 minutes
  16. Remove springform pan from water and remove foil and set on a wire rack to cool at room temperature until barely warm for about 3 hours
  17. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled. Best if chilled at least 4 hours or even overnight.

To serve, let the cheesecake stand at room temperature for about 30 minutes, then cut it into wedges. Serve with room temperature homemade caramel sauce drizzled over each piece of cheesecake and sweetened whipped cream if desired.

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