Watercress and avocado salad
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This salad recipe is very easy to make. Mix the sugar and liquid ingredients together. Grate your apple and onion, add watercress and sliced avocado and mix.

J. Wright
1 bunch watercress
1 gala apple
1 tablespoon grated vidalia onion
1 teaspoon white sugar
3 teaspoons soy sauce
4 tablespoons rice vinegar
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 avocado
  1. Mix the sugar and all liquid ingendients in your salad bowl except for the vegetable oil. Once the sugar is disolved then you can add in the oil and mix. 
  2. Finely grate the apple which should make around 1/4 cup of shredded apple. Best to peel the apple before you grate it.
  3. Grate the onion with the larger holes in a grater and make about 1 table spoon and add this and the apple to the bowl and mix.
  4. Slice up your avocado anyway you want.
  5. Break up your watercress however you want whether smaller pieces or larger with more stems
  6. Mix and serve
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